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Lip Treatment

Lost contour and shape of your lips can be restored by simple injection of hyaluronic acid into targeted areas to restore lost volume.

We are also able to improve the definition and subtly enhance the ‘cupid’s bow’ shape of your lips by injecting hyaluronic acid fillers into the philtrum – these are the lines that go from your upper lip to your nose.
You’ve probably noticed that younger people tend to have clearly defined vermillion lines/borders – this is the line that edges your lips (also known as ‘lip lines’). Unfortunately, the vermillion border is like an inner tube that flattens over time. Using skin fillers, we can sculpt and add contour and definition to this line, giving you a much younger appearance. This can help stop lipstick bleeding into the fine lines on your upper lip.
We use the same principles to treat lip abnormalities and a noticeable imbalance of your upper or lower lip, for example.

Smokers’ lines are small vertical lines around the lips that most commonly, although not exclusively, affect smokers. Typically, they are caused by the harmful effects of smoking and because the smoker is constantly pressing their lips together around a cigarette when they smoke. They can also be due to loss of facial volume.
Skin fillers can be used to restore the lost volume around your lips and smooth away these tell-tale lines.


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