Anti-Wrinkle Treatments

Treatment of Lines & Wrinkles

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As we age, our skin loses its natural collagen and elastin.  As a result the skin becomes thinner, dryer and less elastic.  Over a number of years, dynamic facial lines, creases and wrinkles develop as the skin no longer springs back to its youthful condition. Frown lines, crows feet around the eyes and horizontal forehead lines are the tell-tale signs of ageing and can have a rigorous effect on self-esteem. Good cosmetic products help to maintain skin tone but aesthetic medical techniques may help achieve a more refreshed, youthful look. We offer a no obligation consultation to discuss your concerns.  One suitable treatment option might be wrinkle reduction treatment with muscle relaxing injections using Botulinum Toxin.  Botulinum toxin treatment has revolutionised our approach to facial ageing, particularly in the upper face. Botulinum Toxin is a prescription-only medicine, which has been used safely for over 35-years by cosmetic doctors to help reduce facial wrinkles. It is administered by tiny injections into superficial facial muscles stopping them from continually creasing the overlying skin; this may have the effect of relaxing and softening the wrinkles in the treated area resulting in younger looking skin. Wrinkle Reduction Treatment is now the most popular non-surgical cosmetic treatment throughout the world for both men and women and is certainly one of the most popular treatments we are able to offer at Salcombe Aesthetics.

We aim for a soft, natural look, which allows us to achieve a significant line improvement whilst maintaining normal facial expression.

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